Build Customer Loyalty

With Rewards, Incentives and More

If you have loyal customers, it makes sense to reward them and keep them coming back for more. But how do you do this effectively?

You need to create an irresistible offer

Communicate it effectively to your members

And make it easy to redeem.

With MIBO, we’ll help you do this and much more.

Offer Points and Cash Rewards

With MIBO, you have full control on the number of points earned for each dollar spent, and which products and services can be redeemed with the collected points.

Make Redemption Easy

Instant in-app redemption means redeeming discounts and rewards is a one-click process that builds trust and credibility.

Share Immediate Rewards

Encourage customers to make buying decisions by offering instant rewards. With real-time cloud processing, customers are able to access their rewards instantly in the member zone.

Send Instant Alerts

Our cloud-based servers make notifications instantaneous. With every transaction, they’ll receive an instant notification that shows their points balance, rewards, and redemptions. You can do the same with push notifications to let customers know about new discounts, coupons and other offers.

Give Discounts and Coupons

Reward loyal customers with discounts and vouchers to incentivise new or repeat purchases. These will all be available for customers to view in the member club app.


Refer a Friend, and Build Your User Base

Ask loyal customers to refer their friends and reward customers for any new sign-ups that they generate with points and vouchers.

MIBO Features

Get access to the only ultimate customer interaction tool that you’ll ever need

Manage the Customer Experience

An end-to-end solution for customer interaction


Give Instant Rewards

Reward customers with points or digital vouchers


Easy Redemption

Allow redemption in-store or online


Free Member Club

Customers can interact with you anytime, anywhere


Capture and Share Customer Reviews

Spread the word with great reviews


POS for Small Businesses

Simple POS perfect for new stores, events and more


Get E-Commerce Ready

Multi-channel online sales capabilities


Stay Social

Schedule campaigns on social media


Communicate Better

Simplified multi-channel communication


Personalize with Apps

Apps that match your business’s requirements

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