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CRM for Brand Marketing

You have a great product and an exciting brand and you want to bring this to market. You are looking for CRM system that helps you do your brand marketing through innovative strategies that make you stand out from competition. Furthermore, you need something that can help you get started immediately.

MIBO is an easy-to-use and fast to setup CRM that allows you to execute state-of-the-art marketing strategies through the online and offline channel.

Integrated with your Database

You can integrate your central database with MIBO. All you need is to send your data to MIBO’s API. You can also automate uploads of data file exported from your database.

Do Something Different

You do not need to be afraid of implementing new programs that make you different from your competition. You can easily build custom programs, websites and mobile apps and integrate them with MIBO’s APIs. You can even build plugins working on top of MIBO so that your users can do it all from a single application. Using MIBO as your CRM platform helps you make business decisions faster as you can implement your programs with ease. We have experience doing this for our clients. Contact us for a free sharing session on how we can help.

Find your customers easily and reach out to them

You can accurately identify loyal customers, raving fans, lapsed customers or customers with certain product preferences. Segment them into customer lists and easily reach out to them for coupon marketing and newsletters. Engagement with the right customers in the right way at the right time is easy with MIBO.

Small Business CRM - Marketing Campaign
CRM for Small Business, Cafe, Restaurant, Retail, ECommece - Get Customers Coming Back For More

Get customers coming back for more

Run effective remarketing programs with reward points and coupons. Increase basket size with multiplier rewards for high spenders. 

Zero Touch for Customers

Not only is MIBO convenient for you – it will be super convenient for customers too. You don’t need to have cards or mobile apps IF you don’t want to. Just run your membership and customer engagement with WhatsApp.

crm - zero touch customer
ecommerce crm - sell on multiple channels

Multi-Channel Selling

MIBO is integrated to popular marketplaces and POS systems. Customers from your Physical Stores, Online Store and Marketplace store can now be centralized in MIBO for marketing engagement. You will not run your marketing programs in silos anymore.

MIBO is the must have CRM for Brands intending to grow their presence through innovative marketing strategies. Learn more about how MIBO features can be applied to your business here

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