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With Rewards, Engagement and More

If you have loyal customers, it makes sense to engage them and keep them coming back for more. But how do you do this effectively?

MIBO helps many small and medium businesses with effective CRM using automation of Loyalty, Coupons and Marketing Campaigns.

Loyalty Coupons Marketing Campaign - create irresistible offer
Loyalty Coupons Marketing Campaign - Communicate Effectively
Loyalty Coupons Marketing Campaign - Make Easy to Redeem

MIBO Features

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Instant Rewards

Give Instant Rewards​

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Easy Redemption

Easy Redemption

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - WhatsApp membership

Membership on WhatsApp

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Communicate Better

Communicate Better

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - AUtomate Customer remarketing

Automate Customer Remarketing

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Small Business POS

POS for Small Businesses

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - ECommerce

E-Commerce Ready

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Marketplace Ready

Marketplace Ready

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Multi Channel Sales

Multi-Channel Sales

Loyalty Coupons and Marketing Campaigns - Personalize with Apps

Personalize with Apps

Loyalty on the Go

Reward customers on the go without changing your POS systems. All you need is to equip your store with an Android phone and set it up with MIBO’s Store App.

CRM Zero-Touch on your Point-of-Sales
CRM for Small Business, Cafe, Restaurant - Zero Touch for Customers

Coupons Used Effectively

Use MIBO’s Coupon feature to attract new and loyal customers. Incentivize new customers to join with cash vouchers that they can use on their first purchase. Reward loyal customers and high spenders when they come back for more. Reactivate past customers by sending them attractive coupon offers through SMS or Email.

Loyalty Points That Work

Customers love instant gratification – give them that with Loyalty Points that are Instant. Help customers earn faster with bonus and multipliers for the “sugar-rush” effect. Then let them use the points like cash in their next purchase.

Small Medium Business CRM for Retail - Easy Redemption and Loyalty
Small Business CRM - Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns That Are Not Annoying

MIBO manages your customer database so that you can send relevant SMS and Email communications to the right customer segments. 

Easy for Customers with WhatsApp

Reach out to customers in the easiest way possible – by not asking them to do anything new. MIBO’s WhatsApp Messaging and Membership feature allows your customers to join your membership and communicate with you without installing any new app. They just use WhatsApp which is something they already have. 

crm - zero touch customer

Loyalty, Coupons, Marketing Campaigns and More

MIBO is the must have CRM for growing your business through repeat customers. We have helped businesses from retail, restaurants, eCommerce and many more. MIBO comes in several plans to fit your Small and Medium business needs.  Learn more about MIBO plans here

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